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Alexandre Dumas père (1802 - 1870)


The Black Tulip   (409k)

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Release Date2008-10-03
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Chapter 1. A Grateful People
Chapter 2. The Two Brothers
Chapter 3. The Pupil of John de Witt
Chapter 4. The Murderers
Chapter 5. The Tulip-fancier and his Neighbour
Chapter 6. The Hatred of a Tulip-fancier
Chapter 7. The Happy Man makes Acquaintance with Misfortune
Chapter 8. An Invasion
Chapter 9. The Family Cell
Chapter 10. The Jailer's Daughter
Chapter 11. Cornelius van Baerle's Will
Chapter 12. The Execution
Chapter 13. What was going on all this Time in the Mind of one of the Spectators
Chapter 14. The Pigeons of Dort
Chapter 15. The Little Grated Window
Chapter 16. Master and Pupil
Chapter 17. The First Bulb
Chapter 18. Rosa's Lover
Chapter 19. The Maid and the Flower
Chapter 20. The Events which took place during those Eight Days
Chapter 21. The Second Bulb
Chapter 22. The Opening of the Flower
Chapter 23. The Rival
Chapter 24. The Black Tulip changes Masters
Chapter 25. The President van Systens
Chapter 26. A Member of the Horticultural Society
Chapter 27. The Third Bulb
Chapter 28. The Hymn of the Flowers
Chapter 29. In which Van Baerle, before leaving Loewestein, settles Accounts with Gryphus
Chapter 30. Wherein the Reader begins to guess the Kind of Execution that was awaiting Van Baerle
Chapter 31. Haarlem
Chapter 32. A Last Request
Chapter 33. Conclusion