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L. Frank Baum (1856 - 1919)


Tik-Tok of Oz   (266k)

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Release Date2011-11-04
Other languagesRussian  
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Chapter 1. Ann's Army
Chapter 2. Out of Oogaboo
Chapter 3. Magic Mystifies the Marchers
Chapter 4. Betsy Braves the Billows
Chapter 5. The Roses Repulse the Refugees
Chapter 6. Shaggy Seeks his Stray Brother
Chapter 7. Polychrome
Chapter 8. Tik-Tok Tackles a Tough Task
Chapter 9. Ruggedo
Chapter 10. A Terrible Tumble Through a Tube
Chapter 11. The Famous Fellowship of Fairies
Chapter 12. The Lovely Lady of Light
Chapter 13. The Jinjin
Chapter 14. The Long-Eared Hearer Learns by Listening
Chapter 15. The Dragon Defies Danger
Chapter 16. The Naughty Nome
Chapter 17. A Tragic Transformation
Chapter 18. A Clever Conquest
Chapter 19. King Kaliko
Chapter 20. Quox Quietly Quits
Chapter 21. A Bashful Brother
Chapter 22. Kindly Kisses
Chapter 23. Ruggedo Reforms
Chapter 24. Dorothy is Delighted
Chapter 25. The Land of Love