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L. Frank Baum (1856 - 1919)


Ozma of Oz   (219k)

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Release Date2011-10-12
Other languagesRussian  
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Author's Note

Chapter 1. The Girl in the Chicken Coop
Chapter 2. The Yellow Hen
Chapter 3. Letters in the Sand
Chapter 4. Tiktok, the Machine Man
Chapter 5. Dorothy Opens the Dinner Pail
Chapter 6. The Heads of Langwidere
Chapter 7. Ozma of Oz to the Rescue
Chapter 8. The Hungry Tiger
Chapter 9. The Royal Family of Ev
Chapter 10. The Giant with the Hammer
Chapter 11. The Nome King
Chapter 12. The Eleven Guesses
Chapter 13. The Nome King Laughs
Chapter 14. Dorothy Tries to be Brave
Chapter 15. Billina Frightens the Nome King
Chapter 16. Purple, Green and Gold
Chapter 17. The Scarecrow Wins the Fight
Chapter 18. The Fate of the Tin Woodman
Chapter 19. The King of Ev
Chapter 20. The Emerald City
Chapter 21. Dorothy's Magic Belt