Thus Spake Zarathustra (543k)
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Chapter 1. The Three Metamorphoses
Chapter 2. The Academic Chairs of Virtue
Chapter 3. Backworldsmen
Chapter 4. The Despisers of the Body
Chapter 5. Joys and Passions
Chapter 6. The Pale Criminal
Chapter 7. Reading and Writing
Chapter 8. The Tree on the Hill
Chapter 9. The Preachers of Death
Chapter 10. War and Warriors
Chapter 11. The New Idol
Chapter 12. The Flies in the Market-place
Chapter 13. Chastity
Chapter 14. The Friend
Chapter 15. The Thousand and One Goals
Chapter 16. Neighbour-Love
Chapter 17. The Way of the Creating One
Chapter 18. Old and Young Women
Chapter 19. The Bite of the Adder
Chapter 20. Child and Marriage
Chapter 21. Voluntary Death
Chapter 22. The Bestowing Virtue
Chapter 23. The Child with the Mirror
Chapter 24. In the Happy Isles
Chapter 25. The Pitiful
Chapter 26. The Priests
Chapter 27. The Virtuous
Chapter 28. The Rabble
Chapter 29. The Tarantulas
Chapter 30. The Famous Wise Ones
Chapter 31. The Night-Song
Chapter 32. The Dance-Song
Chapter 33. The Grave-Song
Chapter 34. Self-Surpassing
Chapter 35. The Sublime Ones
Chapter 36. The Land of Culture
Chapter 37. Immaculate Perception
Chapter 38. Scholars
Chapter 39. Poets
Chapter 40. Great Events
Chapter 41. The Soothsayer
Chapter 42. Redemption
Chapter 43. Manly Prudence
Chapter 44. The Stillest Hour

Chapter 45. The Wanderer
Chapter 46. The Vision and the Enigma
Chapter 47. Involuntary Bliss
Chapter 48. Before Sunrise
Chapter 49. The Bedwarfing Virtue
Chapter 50. On the Olive-Mount
Chapter 51. On Passing-by
Chapter 52. The Apostates
Chapter 53. The Return Home
Chapter 54. The Three Evil Things
Chapter 55. The Spirit of Gravity
Chapter 56. Old and New Tables
Chapter 57. The Convalescent
Chapter 58. The Great Longing
Chapter 59. The Second Dance-Song
Chapter 60. The Seven Seals (or The Yea and Amen Lay)
Chapter 61. The Honey Sacrifice
Chapter 62. The Cry of Distress
Chapter 63. Talk with the Kings
Chapter 64. The Leech
Chapter 65. The Magician
Chapter 66. Out of Service
Chapter 67. The Ugliest Man
Chapter 68. The Voluntary Beggar
Chapter 69. The Shadow
Chapter 70. Noon-Tide
Chapter 71. The Greeting
Chapter 72. The Supper
Chapter 73. The Higher Man
Chapter 74. The Song of Melancholy
Chapter 75. Science
Chapter 76. Among Daughters of the Desert
Chapter 77. The Awakening
Chapter 78. The Ass-Festival
Chapter 79. The Drunken Song
Chapter 80. The Sign