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Mikhail Bulgakov (1891 - 1940)


The Master and Margarita   (782k)

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Release Date2009-11-10
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Chapter 1. Never Talk to Strangers
Chapter 2. Pontius Pilate
Chapter 3. The Seventh Proof
Chapter 4. The Pursuit
Chapter 5. The Affair at Griboyedov
Chapter 6. Schizophrenia
Chapter 7. The Haunted Flat
Chapter 8. A Duel between Professor and Poet
Chapter 9. Koroviev's Tricks
Chapter 10. News from Yalta
Chapter 11. The Two Ivans
Chapter 12. Black Magic Revealed
Chapter 13. Enter the Hero
Chapter 14. Saved by Cock-Crow
Chapter 15. The Dream of Nikanor Ivanovich
Chapter 16. The Execution
Chapter 17. A Day of Anxiety
Chapter 18. Unwelcome Visitors

Chapter 19. Margarita
Chapter 20. Azazello's Cream
Chapter 21. The Flight
Chapter 22. By Candlelight
Chapter 23. Satan's Rout
Chapter 24. The Master is Released
Chapter 25. How the Procurator Tried to Save Judas of Karioth
Chapter 26. The Burial
Chapter 27. The Last of Flat No. 50
Chapter 28. The Final Adventure of Koroviev and Behemoth
Chapter 29. The Fate of the Master and Margarita is Decided
Chapter 30. Time to Go
Chapter 31. On Sparrow Hills
Chapter 32. Absolution and Eternal Refuge
Chapter 33. Epilogue