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Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)


The Prince and the Pauper   (376k)

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Release Date2009-04-04
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Chapter 1. The birth of the Prince and the Pauper
Chapter 2. Tom's early life
Chapter 3. Tom's meeting with the Prince
Chapter 4. The Prince's troubles begin
Chapter 5. Tom as a patrician
Chapter 6. Tom receives instructions
Chapter 7. Tom's first royal dinner
Chapter 8. The question of the Seal
Chapter 9. The river pageant
Chapter 10. The Prince in the toils
Chapter 11. At Guildhall
Chapter 12. The Prince and his deliverer
Chapter 13. The disappearance of the Prince
Chapter 14. 'Le Roi est mort--vive le Roi.'
Chapter 15. Tom as King
Chapter 16. The State Dinner
Chapter 17. Foo-foo the First
Chapter 18. The Prince with the tramps
Chapter 19. The Prince with the peasants
Chapter 20. The Prince and the hermit
Chapter 21. Hendon to the rescue
Chapter 22. A victim of treachery
Chapter 23. The Prince a prisoner
Chapter 24. The escape
Chapter 25. Hendon Hall
Chapter 26. Disowned
Chapter 27. In prison
Chapter 28. The sacrifice
Chapter 29. To London
Chapter 30. Tom's progress
Chapter 31. The Recognition procession
Chapter 32. Coronation Day
Chapter 33. Edward as King
Chapter 34. Conclusion. Justice and retribution