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Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870)


A Tale of Two Cities   (749k)

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Release Date2009-03-08
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Recalled to Life
Chapter 1. The Period
Chapter 2. The Mail
Chapter 3. The Night Shadows
Chapter 4. The Preparation
Chapter 5. The Wine-shop
Chapter 6. The Shoemaker

The Golden Thread
Chapter 1. Five Years Later
Chapter 2. A Sight
Chapter 3. A Disappointment
Chapter 4. Congratulatory
Chapter 5. The Jackal
Chapter 6. Hundreds of People
Chapter 7. Monseigneur in Town
Chapter 8. Monseigneur in the Country
Chapter 9. The Gorgon's Head
Chapter 10. Two Promises
Chapter 11. A Companion Picture
Chapter 12. The Fellow of Delicacy
Chapter 13. The Fellow of no Delicacy
Chapter 14. The Honest Tradesman
Chapter 15. Knitting
Chapter 16. Still Knitting
Chapter 17. One Night
Chapter 18. Nine Days
Chapter 19. An Opinion
Chapter 20. A Plea
Chapter 21. Echoing Footsteps
Chapter 22. The Sea Still Rises
Chapter 23. Fire Rises
Chapter 24. Drawn to the Loadstone Rock

The Track of a Storm
Chapter 1. In Secret
Chapter 2. The Grindstone
Chapter 3. The Shadow
Chapter 4. Calm in Storm
Chapter 5. The Wood-sawyer
Chapter 6. Triumph
Chapter 7. A Knock at the Door
Chapter 8. A Hand at Cards
Chapter 9. The Game Made
Chapter 10. The Substance of the Shadow
Chapter 11. Dusk
Chapter 12. Darkness
Chapter 13. Fifty-two
Chapter 14. The Knitting Done
Chapter 15. The Footsteps Die Out For Ever