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Jules Verne (1828 - 1905)


Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen   (672k)

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Release Date2008-11-07
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Chapter 1. The Brig-Schooner "Pilgrim"
Chapter 2. Dick Sand
Chapter 3. The Wreck
Chapter 4. The Survivors of the "Waldeck"
Chapter 5. "S. V."
Chapter 6. A Whale in Sight
Chapter 7. Preparations
Chapter 8. The Jubarte
Chapter 9. Captain Sand
Chapter 10. The Four Days which Follow
Chapter 11. Tempest
Chapter 12. On the Horizon
Chapter 13. Land! Land
Chapter 14. The Best to Do
Chapter 15. Harris
Chapter 16. On the Way
Chapter 17. A Hundred Miles in Ten Days
Chapter 18. The Terrible Word


Chapter 1. The Slave Trade
Chapter 2. Harris and Negoro
Chapter 3. On the March
Chapter 4. The Bad Roads of Angola
Chapter 5. Ants and their Dwelling
Chapter 6. The Diving-Bell
Chapter 7. In Camp on the Banks of the Coanza
Chapter 8. Some of Dick Sand's Notes
Chapter 9. Kazounde
Chapter 10. The Great Market-day
Chapter 11. The King of Kazounde is Offered a Punch
Chapter 12. A Royal Burial
Chapter 13. The Interior of a Factory
Chapter 14. Some News of Dr. Livingston
Chapter 15. Where a Manticore may Lead
Chapter 16. A Magician
Chapter 17. Drifting
Chapter 18. Various Incidents
Chapter 19. "S. V."
Chapter 20. Conclusion