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Jules Verne (1828 - 1905)


From the Earth to the Moon   (243k)

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Release Date2008-07-19
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Chapter 1. The Gun Club
Chapter 2. President Barbicane's Communication
Chapter 3. Effect of the President's Communication
Chapter 4. Reply From the Observatory of Cambridge
Chapter 5. The Romance of the Moon
Chapter 6. The Permissive Limits of Ignorance and Belief in the United States
Chapter 7. The Hymn of the Cannon-Ball
Chapter 8. History of the Cannon
Chapter 9. The Question of the Powders
Chapter 10. One Enemy V. Twenty-Five Millions of Friends
Chapter 11. Florida and Texas
Chapter 12. Urbi et Orbi
Chapter 13. Stones Hill
Chapter 14. Pickaxe and Trowel
Chapter 15. The Fete of the Casting
Chapter 16. The Columbiad
Chapter 17. A Telegraphic Dispatch
Chapter 18. The Passenger of the Atlanta
Chapter 19. A Monster Meeting
Chapter 20. Attack and Riposte
Chapter 21. How A Frenchman Manages An Affair
Chapter 22. The New Citizen of the United States
Chapter 23. The Projectile-Vehicle
Chapter 24. The Telescope of the Rocky Mountains
Chapter 25. Final Details
Chapter 26. Fire!
Chapter 27. Foul Weather
Chapter 28. A New Star