Book synchronization

Every book in catalog is presented in several languages. Choose 2nd language next to Read synchronized with from book's main page or while reading a chapter.

In sync mode you see a book chapter in two languages.
New books are not yet synchronized and you would see paragraphs 'sliding apart'. You can use our special sync mode to make things better. Every pair of translations has its own sync configuration because every translation may have distinct text layout.

Press synchronize button to open sync mode.

In sync mode you see text in scroll area. The whole text is devided in paragraphs each of which is available for synchronization.
  • choose two corresponding paragraph with mouse pointer, they should appear in inversed color
  • click 'synchronize' button, paragraphs should become aligned
  • to delete synchronization select previously aligned paragraph and click 'desynchronize' button. Select OK in confirmation dialog
  • select save button to save your changes
Saved changes are immediately sent to server and become available for future readers.

Please write us to if you have any problems or questions.